Changelog 30.12.2019:


- Optimization to lower server delay, average server delay lowered twice.
- Fixed changing orientation when casting spells by creatures with active orientation change block (for example stun).
- Added speed limit for several movements, their correct display according to game client value.
- Added automatic player removal from guild if his faction differs from guild master faction and it is forbidden by server settings.
- You can no longer change your faction if you are a guild member.
- Improved server-client synchronization, that may improve player movement display.
- Added creature flag reset after resurrection, to avoid possible bugs in script work.
- Fixed new available quests display around player after getting new level.
- Fixed possibility of instant fishing by spamming it.
- Fixed nickname declension with "-??" ending.
- Fixed password installation for chat channels.
- Implemented Inter-Realm Battlegrounds & Arenas
- Fixed a bug with completed quests reset after change o faction.
- Added support of two-factor authentication.
- In case of double nickname and if both were active less than a month ago, automatic rename will be forced to a character, created later.
- Now player gets a message with kick reason.
- Fixed several game exploits.
- Warden: added and updated scans.
- Fixed possible bugs with vehicle visibility.

Dungeons and raids:

Icecrown Citadel:

- General:
* Fixed Hero of Northrend title progress reset after death on some bosses.

- Lady Deathwhisper:
* Fixed settling NPC before the boss blizzlike.

Pit of Saron:

- Scourgelord Tyrannus: combat localization, fixed several bugs.

The Culling of Stratholme:

- Fixed an exploit with mass summon of final boss.
- Fixed text in talking menu.

Trial of the Champion:

- General:
* Fixed player team definition (alliance, horde) when generating the dungeon.
* Removed stun and silence immune from Argent Crusade vassals.
* Removed stun and silence immune from boss champions.

- The Black Knight: fixed a bug, when boss did not cast
- Argent Confessor Paletress: added delay before attack.
- Grand Champions: improved shaman scripts, more stable spell order, improved targets for healing.

Trial of the Crusader:

- Anub'arak:
* no longer buries while staying on ice. Fixed burying in several cases.
* Healing from is now increased considering players auras.

The Slave Pens:

- General: Improved work of a dungeon. Fixed work of season boss - Ahune.

Blackwing Lair:

- General:
* Fixed work of Blackwing Lair teleport sphere for dead characters.
* Fixed interaction with some objects in a dungeon.

- Chromaggus: fixed accidental proc of


- Fixed possible incorrect display of item manufacturer.
- Added critical strike chance of spell in some cases.
- Fixed incorrect model of
- Fixed drop of in some cases.
- Fixed changing appearance option for
- can be no longer used to provoke other creatures.


- Added MMR reset block with active arena team of selected type.
- Leave arena option is now only available after 2 minutes after arena launch or anytime after death.
- All invitations to a party are now blocked at battleground and arena.
- SOLOQ: Fixed queue status display when player moves from one continent to another.
- SOLOQ: Fixed an exploit with incorrect gained rate calculation.
- Fixed starter orientation of players at Blades Edge Arena and The Ring of Valor.
- Fixed work of achievements for winning battlegrounds, that require exact count.
- Fixed work of non rated arena queue.

Spells and talents:


- Permanent location auras now check target type, not just "friendly" check.
- Fixed end of creature control if there is a control distance restriction (for example ).
- Fixed possible absence of standart actions on a pet bar.
- Fixed interaction of decrease healing effects.
- Fixed incorrect orientation of creatures when applying stun.

Death Knight:

- Fixed interaction of and
- Fixed interaction of and
- Fixed influence on death runes.


- Fixed starter speed of a player when Fear is applied to him. Fixed player speed update under the effect of fear ater speed change.
- Fixed movement direction and distance under the effect of fear.
- More strict check of received route under the effect of Fear, to avoid moving through textures. Fixed target orientation after the effect of Fear.
- Fixed straight damage scaling of considering spell power.


- Fixed applying several stacks of when using in some cases.


- Fixed buff source.
- Fixed applying cooldown to in some cases.


- Fixed entering combat by using with talent.


- Fixed influence on
- Fixed proc priority of over
- Allowed using (with a glyph) under the effect of


- Fixed an exploit with talent.


- Fixed using on elevators.


- Fixed possible bugs with availability of season quests.
- Added special musical effects to Brewfest, Midsummer Fire Festival, Darkmoon Faire and Pirates Day.

- Midsummer Fire Festival:
* Turned off outdated quests.
* Numerous fixes of event.
* Implemented event after completing
* Fixed work of
* Fixed position and improved work of Bonfires.
* Fixes of settling and quests.

Settling and scripts of quests/NPC:

- Fixed menu localization and display terms for
- Fixed work of
- Fixed settling
- Fixed settling
- Fixed work of
- Fixed settling
- Fixed work of
- is now in the air, not on the ground.
- Fixed attacking other creatures.
- will no longer show dialogue option without completed quest.
- will no longer stand still.
- Implemented restore of lost at NPC.
- Removed odd object
- Fixed visibility.
- Fixed mass summon at NPC.
- Fixed quest event.
- Fixed settling in Fjorn's Anvil area.
- Some fixes of settling in Dun Niffelem.
- Fixed settling,,